Family Ski Vacations in the U.S.

If you and your family are looking for a great place to go skiing for your vacation, there are plenty of place in the U.S. you can visit that may be close to home-and fit within your budget. So, pack up your skis and snow boots, and get ready for fun on the slopes by booking some of these affordable ski vacations in your state or region .

Colorado ski vacations are quite popular during the fall and winter months, since the state is known for its extensive winter recreational activities. If you need a little assistance choosing which ski resort to go to, you can check out Ski Colorado, a network of lodges and resorts that will give you all the information about family ski vacations in Colorado that you'll need. You can stay in Steamboat, which has six peaks for skiers of all levels to practice their skills, or Aspen, which is a popular resort that has plenty of winter activities in a luxurious resort atmosphere.

If you live in the New England area and want to know more about ski vacations in this region of the country, you may want to check out the vacations Vermont has to offer. Kilington, a famous skiing area in Vermont, has snow for six months, which gives you plenty of time to plan your vacation, and Stowe, the highest peak in the area, is often a mark of accomplishment for experienced skiers. You may also want to check out Jay Peak in Vermont if you are new to skiing; smaller hills like Bolton Valley are available there.

In Massachusetts, you'll find plenty of ski vacations in your price range as well. One of the most popular is Wachusett, which means 'the great hill' in the Algoquin Indian language. There are over 200 instructors at this location to teach the snowboarding and skiing school. There are even plenty of classes and lessons available for children, so even if your kids are as young as four, they can still learn about skiing and snowboarding, and hit the slopes with the rest of the family. If you live in or near the Boston area, you can even go to the resort for a day to give the family a mini-vacation, since the resort is only a train ride from Boston.

family ski vacations in these areas are some of the most popular, but you can check with your travel agent or with other ski instructors to see which resorts may be closer to you, and which ski schools work especially with beginners or small children. Skiing is a great way to get exercise and to see the beauty of winter, so why not get your family involved today? For more information, visit